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Simon Marshall



The work Simon is producing now is the result of a long synthesis over many years, with many influences, reflecting changing and developing themes.


Initially Simon was trained and worked as a furniture maker making commission pieces for clients around the world which gave him a set of practical skills. During this time he painted and drew for pleasure and this kept his fundamental artistic skills alive.


At the end of this period he transferred to a public facing role supporting the visually impaired, this refined his social skills and provided inspiration for new work and a love of the ideas that motivate and give peoples lives meaning. Simon began exhibiting artworks to put his ideas out into the world.


When he found himself with time to produce art full time he began to refine and distil his ideas down to essentials. After a time working with photography he began to concentrate on a character inspired by his daughter and his work is now based around this figure, its life, relationships, thoughts, struggles and pleasures in the world. 


As ever Simon likes to show his work in physical exhibitions, anticipating that the people who see it can better identify with and understand some of the themes and thoughts of the character.


October 2022

The Burden
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