A Brief History:


There are two distinct strands to Simon's work. Exploration of colour and texture in interventions in landscape by the addition of colour and the struggles of Bean Man as he makes his way through the world. 


Over his life Simon has produced artwork in many mediums and taken part in many exhibitions. Since he became a full time artist he has been able to developideas and produce more considered and thoughtful work.

From 1983 to 2008 Simon was a Furniture Maker. He made work for customers all over the world and has many pieces in public places and private houses. Simon designed and constructed some fascinating pieces during his 30 years as a Furniture Maker and learnt the disciplines, challenges and connections between art and life. 


Alongside this work Simon produced paintings  and carvings in wood as a personal exploration of colour and shape and answering the drive to build for himself. Now he is dedicated full-time to making his ideas flesh. 


The Burden